Jack is a character who appears in Ziraxia's short Lost?.


He is a not-so-bright student who gets paired up with Jill (as in, Jack and Jill) while they both wait to see the principal. He talks to her about some "rad party" that a kid threw, where another kid was said to have died from the sheer coolness of it all. When Jill says she would want to hang out with that kid, he mistakenly thinks she meant the dead kid. At first, it is unknown why he was waiting in the principal's office, but the viewer would assume he was probably in some kind of trouble.

At the end, it is revealed that he was just waiting to pick up his sunglasses from the lost-and-found behind the principal's desk. After he gets them, he selflessly tries to save the New Kid from getting in trouble by saying she has been out helping orphans. Unknown to him, he (and everyone else in the office) had just been cutting her off every time she tried to meet with the principal.

Along with his sunglasses, he wears a sweatshirt with the acronym "FAHG" on it (innuendo: although it stands for "Franklin Anderson High Gophers", when said aloud, it sounds out fag).




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