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Ziraxia was an indie production studio that made YouTube short films, T-shirt designs, stickers, and webcomics. It was founded in 2006 and closed in 2018. Its mascots were a group of cartoon aliens from Section 8.

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Featured Photo

Katya in her debut short.



Featured Short: Lost?

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Lost? was the first YouTube short by Ziraxia.


In the principal's office of an urban school, stories of a new kid who hasn't been showing up for any of her classes end up uniting everyone else who's "lost" in the school system.

Featured Character: Meebo

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Meebo is one of the main characters of Ziraxia's Section 8 series.


He is a dark green bobble-headed Ziraxian alien with sky-blue eyes. His space outfit is a red jumpsuit. He is the cutest, friendliest, and most good-natured of the Ziraxians.


Meebo appears in the Ziraxia webcomic and all three of the Section 8 YouTube shorts.

Featured Video: Into the Seas


Ziraxia - And She Walked Into the Seas...

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